Advanced Intuitive Watercolor Florals


Imagine trusting your skills so much you can simply allow your intuition to guide your expressive watercolor florals. Together, we'll walk through the evolution of your painting techniques and build your self-trust in a way that honors your imperfections and immerses you in an elevated creative flow.


Creating in a familiar, controlled way may feel comforting, but true growth lies beyond the known. 


When your intuition and technical skills work together, your art becomes more expansive and ethereal. With my guidance and your commitment to growth, you'll uncover your full creative potential and express your true artistic self.

This course is the next chapter following my successful Intuitive Watercolor Florals program. It's thoughtfully designed to assist you in exploring your evolving intuition and elevating your painting skills. Immerse yourself in the next phase of wildly expressive watercolor florals and deepen your connection with your creative flow.

Join us on this journey, where we celebrate your unique voice, infusing your art practice with deeper meaning and nurturing your trust in the creative process. Your artistic journey continues here.


Being in the process...

Rather than being focused on the results, is very freeing.


It's really a gift to be given permission to feel your way through the painting process and not be attached to outcomes… and that’s how Stephanie teaches. Her lessons are so clear and step-by-step, which makes learning with her a calming experience. It is creativity from a self-care perspective, which is a very different approach. Stephanie’s course gave me the confidence to allow the water and pigment to do what it does naturally and to not have to work my will. It was freeing! And as a result, I found that doing the lessons felt like I was experiencing mindfulness in a different and fulfilling way. I experienced joy and found myself grateful for paper, pigment, soft brushes, and water - such a gift. Stephanie’s teaching manner and peaceful approach invited me to be present with myself. I felt complete acceptance for whatever was happening on the paper. All of it was okay.


hi, sweet one.

I'm Stephanie Ryan


I create washy and ethereal watercolor art that touches the heart and inspires the creative spirit. My soothing, soulful, intuitive paintings are inspired by nature and the feelings that bind me to it, creating an introspective mood that connects the viewer with my art. I see my work as visual poetry—beautiful colors with touches of light and inspired thoughts.

Let me be your guide...

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember and even started writing during a particularly challenging time in my life. Through that experience, I was able to find a new appreciation for life and a profound calling to create art and words that inspire, encourage, and comfort others. I have honed my ability to translate beautiful imagery and words into appealing consumer products that can be found at leading retailers and gift stores around the world.

And now I want to guide you to find your own watery, intuitive flow as you create your own unique art that inspires...



I've been featured in...


Maybe right now you are...

  • Questioning your ability to create unique pieces.
  • Holding on to high expectations of yourself and your art.
  • Feeling enough fear of criticism to keep you recreating the same piece, over and over.
  • Stuck in perfectionism… which means stagnating on growing your skill and self-trust as an artist
  • Unsure what will happen when you let your intuition lead your art
  • Wishing you had deeper skills & knowledge so you can fully trust yourself
  • Getting lost in negative self-talk about the lack of variety in your artwork
  • Feeling like what you create is copycatted and lacking feeling
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Advanced Intuitive Watercolor Florals


Imagine the art you can create when it flows from a deep well of trust and inner wisdom. Advanced Intuitive Watercolor Florals invites you to tap into your inner source, allowing your creative journey to unfold naturally and manifest as beautiful soulful florals. Immerse yourself in the creative process, incorporating advanced techniques, while trusting your intuition to guide your artistic path and style with profound insight beyond conscious thought.

In that space of gentle surrender, you'll transition into a flow state. Your art practice will transform into a peaceful sanctuary, gently guided by your spirit, with an unwavering trust in the process.

Course Price



Stephanie's calming voice and sacred practices gently guided me to my own core.

All my intentions were met with Stephanie’s lessons and more. They helped me remember the delight of creating a sacred space, and encouraged me to rejuvenate these practices and integrate them into my art practice to create a more mindful session and art. Stephanie’s teachings supported me in trusting the process of letting go and embracing what is. Her lessons are surprisingly delightful and helped me learn in a playful way, while leading me to find calmness through a mindful way of painting with watercolor and creating loose florals. With her guidance, I was able to let go of making a plan, release my perfectionism and trust the flow of painting loosely.


This is where the flow of your intuitive painting meets a deep trust in your skills.


Together, we will walk through my complete creative process. Deepening your painting skills, in my philosophy, encompasses more than technical knowledge. It’s a practice of quieting the mind and feeling your way through the painting. As you let the materials do the work, you'll gradually release the desire to control the end result. Instead, you'll surrender to the creative process, enabling your soul to tell its unique story.

Inside this course, you will:

Transform through


31 lessons = 8 + Hours of In-depth Training 


4 Guided Meditations


  • Create your own sacred painting space.
  • Learn the advanced techniques behind my style through floral painting tutorials
  • Create unique impressions of flowers from memory, and imagination, with the guidance of your intuition
  • Build out your trust to design and paint florals in new and exciting ways
  • Add depth to your art by infusing it with your own intuitive style
  • Learn how to use flower essences to enhance your creativity
  • Learn how to center yourself in your sacred art practice through meditations
  • Be guided on how to surrender to the process and craft flowers from your heart space
  • Paint loose floral compositions with ease and simplicity
  • Get access to the process that helps me create florals for licensing collections and products
  • Combine all of the techniques to create large floral paintings
  • Practice letting go of perfectionism and see that beauty is found in the imperfections of your paintings.

Check out this bonus...

Access to ask me Q+As in our private Advanced Watercolor Florals community!

When you enter Advanced Intuitive Watercolor Florals, you'll gain access to share your progress, and ask me questions about the techniques, lessons, process, and any other question or celebration you wish to have my eyes on!



Learn all of the techniques I use to create expressive watercolor florals that have generated over a million dollars in licensing royalties and have sold on countless products worldwide.

Create your own spiritual creative toolbox to help remove energetic blocks and clear the path for your best work to come through and to learn how to Make Art a Sacred Practice.

Connect with like-minded souls, beginner and advanced watercolorists, and me, Stephanie, in our private community of blossoming painters.


After learning with Stephanie, things seemed to flow better.

I was inspired by the presence of the spiritual tools she recommended and was surprised by my ability to let go and enjoy the process. Stephanie's steady and nurturing guidance allowed me to find a way to enjoy the practice of art and discovery on a whole new level!  Her intentional and quiet presence created the space to just be and create. Because of this, I am more likely to set out into an art session with watercolors without as many critics in my head.


Take a Peek Inside...


The Toolbox

This first module, contains the tools I use in my art practice. We discuss art supplies, spiritual tools and meditative practices for this next path of your journey. I will walk you through the following lessons:

  • Art Supplies I use in my workshops and business
  • How to create an environment that nurtures your spirit and supports the energy of your art practice
  • Create your own sacred space as part of your art practice 
  • Spiritual tools like crystals, essential oils, flower essences, mantras and smudging with white sage to clear your creative space and deepen your art practice
  • Prepare for your art session with a selection of guided meditations
  • Enjoy your choice of the following meditations, designed to help you optimize your art practice. Get Grounded Meditation, Find Your Flow Meditation, Let Go Meditation, and Connect to your Heart Meditation
  • How I work with my intuition
  • How to notice the subtle nudges you receive from your intuition
  • How to recognize the way you receive guidance.

Painting Meditation

In this module, we will ease into our art practice through painting meditations. 

Together, we will walk through the following:

  • Mindful painting exercises that are designed to loosen you up, clear your mind, and connect you with your intuition and materials.
  • Access your inner calm through painting meditations and prepare yourself for an art experience free from worry, fear, and self-judgment
  • Learn how to access the flow state before starting your floral painting. 
  • Create a deck of abstract color swatch strips while practicing dripping and blending techniques
  • Get used to the new techniques by creating washy, abstract circles.
  • Experiment with wet-on-wet techniques while getting lost in a pressure-free abstract painting. 
  • Practice using the tips of your brush while flowing through space with a fun swirling line painting.
  • Practice standing while you work, keeping your hand off the paper, and holding a balanced brush. All are designed to help you move and flow.
  • Enjoy my signature Sacred Circle painting meditation.
  • Experience what it means to let the materials do the work for you
  • Practicing letting go of control and surrendering to the process
  • Get comfortable with the techniques and begin to work with your intuition

Crafting Flowers

In this module, you will learn the advanced techniques and practices I use to create expressions of specific flowers.

The goal isn’t to make perfectly detailed flowers.

It is to craft a wild expression of the flower that is filtered through your soul.

Together, we will walk through the following:

  • Let go of perfectionism and craft flowers from your heart space.
  • Learn to blend and blur your watercolors to create ethereal, atmospheric floral paintings
  • Paint simple leaf shapes to get used to the painting techniques
  • Learn what it means to craft your own expression of flowers
  • Problem solve as you are crafting your flowers
  • Learn how to get comfortable with water
  • Learn dripping, blending, and blurring techniques
  • Use flower reference to imprint an impression of the flower
  • Put away the reference and use your memory
  • Let your imagination take over and turn that flower reference into your own sacredly crafted flower
  • Once you are comfortable with your crafted flower, take it to the next step and paint full-page arrangements
  • Combine dripping, blurring, and wet-on-wet techniques together and create dynamic paintings while flowing through with movement and a sense of play.
  • Experiment with your techniques while asking yourself what would happen if you tried this...
  • Don't get overwhelmed by the details
  • Learn different brushstroke techniques to paint the same flower. No rules, do what works best for you!
  • From whispers to detail, let your paintings breathe when you incorporate both

No Plan, Just Play

In this module, we will have fun completely letting loose of perfectionism. We will evolve in our practice by focusing on movement, staying loose, and receiving guidance from our intuition.

Together, we will:

  • Begin with a guided meditation to help you let go and surrender to the process
  • Create full floral compositions using all of the techniques you learned
  • Learn how to create from your imagination with no plan when you walk up to the paper
  • Embrace the state of play throughout your painting while letting go of perfectionism, fear of mistakes, and self-judgment
  • Let each painting lead you to the next painting. As your ideas take shape, you will feel loose and in the flow state where magical things happen
  • Follow your painting through till the end, don't abandon it because you think you made a mistake
  • Fill up your paper with flowers, pick your favorite elements, and continue them in the next painting. Watch as your paintings turn into collections
  • Experiment with your color palette using soothing blues and greens
  • Be spontaneous with your mark-making through expressive brush strokes, letting go, and taking chances
  • Embrace working on bigger paper with larger brushes
  • Stay loose and fluid while you move around your painting

Grow beyond your Comfort Zone

In this last module, we will expand our energy by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

There are so many opportunities for growth waiting for you in this creative space of expansion.

Once in an ease-filled, trusting, and experimental place within, I will encourage you to show off your fullness through large paper play.

Together, we will:

  • Begin with a guided meditation to help you let go and surrender to the process
  • Prepare your 22" x 30" paper
  • Create a large-scale painting with oversized blooms and large brushes
  • Let go of the fear of working big
  • Experience how large paper allows movement, risk-taking, and possibility
  • Quiet your mind and witness your feelings as you work through the challenges of creating in such an expansive space

I have stopped judging my skills and have discovered a whole new way to paint.

Stephanie's teachings changed the emotions that I paint with now. While I absolutely fell in love with the softness of her painting style, the added bonus was the meditative nature of it. Painting became so much more pleasurable. Her practices are free, vibrant, yet soft and meditative.... I am now able to offer myself constant reassurance that there are no rules.



This is for you if you deeply desire to:


  • Learn to paint your unique style intuitively and create without self-criticism, worry and judgment
  • Let go of your need to look like anyone else and paint from your heart
  • Begin your process by getting grounded through energetic ritual, meditation and space creation
  • Learn how to trust the materials and your skill to do the work for you
  • Access your distinctive, personal energy flow through guided practices
  • Enter a trust-filled state and paint in a style that starts to look more and more like yours
  • Find your ease creating beautiful moments in your paintings and magic in your art practice
  • Get into a state of surrender, so you can quiet your mind, connect with your intuition and let go



Just a deep trust in your own process.


Truly, perfectionism no longer has to rule the way you create. If a loose, pressure-free, intuitive practice has been a yearning of yours, I truly hope you’ll consider yourself already welcome and celebrated.